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Our Customers Love Us! Webist makes website building and e-Commerce EASY

After a thorough search to find a reputable and professional web developers, my partners and I chose to collaborate with the Webist team. It has been one of the best decisions we have made in terms of providing our clients with top-notch web service ...

Jason Durham

After meeting with several local web design companies, we made the decision for our company to go with Webist and it's one of the best business decisions we have made. They have done a wonderful job with my website. It is clear, colorful, and very p ...

Ahmed Baggia

My name is Alex and I contacted webist team to help build a website for my business. I started working with the team who was very friendly and helpful. Anytime I had a problem the team was efficient and very responsive to fix it. Webist team made a ...

Alex Vangou

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June 11, 2013
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Toronto, ON –April8, 2013/ PRNewswire/
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13 May 2013
  • Last Updated May 13, 2013 at 10AM

Browsers, Browsers, Everywhere. How Webist Supports All Web Browsers

Web browsers are the ways in which we view websites.  Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and various other smaller browsers out there that perform one function: bring us the World Wide Web.

In my corporate days, I would get quite agitated at my Web Designer when having gone out to a client and in the middle of a presentation the question gets asked to see the website in production on their laptop to have said website not show up at all or show up all out-of-whack. I knew the reason, the Web Designer built the site to a particular web browser, designers favorite being Firefox or Chrome. 

Just doesn’t cut it though when so many laptops or office computers are locked-down by IT to only use Internet Explorer (IE). If your website isn’t viewable on all the web browsers it’s like not having a website at all. You just don’t get another chance. The use will just move onto the next site or Google another site.

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